Our Vision

Our vision is to develop citizens who are knowledgeable, independent, competent and confident learners; students of integrity and passion who will respond purposefully to an increasingly fast changing, complex and interdependent world.

Our Mission

  • The school welcomes children of all faiths, cultures and background.
  • We aim to encourage and foster the development of each child, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally within a safe, caring and disciplined environment. Through a supportive, structured and challenging curriculum, we nurture curious, creative children who respond to new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • All children are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of others, to have a sense of fairness and justice and an ability to value the contribution of each individual.
  • We shall encourage attitudes of love, forgiveness, tolerance, co-operation, perseverance, independence and responsibility and will Endeavour to develop children who have a positive and healthy attitude to life long learning.

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth"

- Matthew 5:5 (Holy Bible)

Our Core Values

Christian values are central to the ethos of the school.